Our Products


1) Phenolic Resins:

  • Novolac PF Resin liquid(Solvent Based)
  • Novolac PF Resin Powder With Hexa
  • Pure Phenolic lumps (Without Hexa)
  • Resol Resin liquid(Water Soluble Resin)
  • Resol PF Resin(Powder form)
  • Resol PF Resin liquid(Solvent Soluble Resin)

2) Foundry Resins - Furan Resin, Cold Box Resin, Hot Box, Pepsit, Alphaset, Shell Resin, Furo Silicate Resin, Zirconium based coating.

3) Refractory Grade Resin

4) Filter Paper Impregnation Grade Resin

5) Epoxy Resin

6) Urea Formaldehyde Resin (Powder and Liquid)

7) Cardanol

Aromatic Chemicals:

Aldehyde C-11 Undecylenic